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Tubes In this section you will find electron tubes, all old and some historic. Tubes generally went out of favor in the 1950s when solid state transistors took over the radio industry. Did you know that Thomas Edison was a factor in the invention of the tube? He discovered a black accumulation on the inside of his new light bulb invention. This indicated a transmission of electrons and while it was a nuisance to Edison it later became known as the Edison effect. Flemming of England recognised it as a function for another use and ordered a quanity of these bulbs from Edison. Flemming attached a plate to the outside of the glass bulb and found out he could use a modified version of the lightbulb as a detector. Flemming called the device a valve and this name still is used by the English instead of tube. I don't have any examples going back this far but there are a few old American tubes in this section.

I hope you will find this section interesting. A very good book to read on the subject is entitled Saga of the Vacuum Tube by Gerald Tyne. 73 de Jim

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