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Spark Gap Radios Spark Gap Radio is the earliest form of successful radio transmission. There were many ways devised to simply put a high voltage spark across the long wire aerial (antenna) and ground. When the spark occured an RF signal went out on the air. I am simplifying but that was basically what happened. As you will see in the following pictures and explanations there were many components to tune and increase the power behind the spark. This was not a very safe operation. There was high voltage either line or RF all over the transmitter components. This was the process that Marconi used as he started communications.

American Radio InductionCoil - This spark induction coil, made by American Radio (Amrad) allowed line current to build up and throw a spark across the contacts.
Sample2, Ford Spark Coil - Not a few Hams discovered that a Model T ford ignition coil could be adapted to produce a significant spark for spark radio communication. There were four of these coils in the firewall of the early Fords to provide spark for the engine ignition system and could be acquired for little to nothing.

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