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Homebrewed Radios Homebrew is a term that the old Hams came up with. It simply meant that the radio or whatever was homemade sort of like the homebrewed coffee. The early Hams basically had to build their own rigs such as receivers and transmitters. There was a lot of skill out there and the Hams came up with more than one new electronic development which would be adopted into the commercial industry. The homebrewed device could have been a lowly crystal radio or a complicated power amplifier to make their signal stronger. Following are a couple of those homebrews.

Homebrew Radio -Here is a very nice example of a "homebrewed" radio complete with the earphones. I would place this as from the 1930s to the 1940s. With the changing of the coil that you can see it would change the frequency rangees perhaps from the am broadcast band to some of the hf bands such as ham bands or the European shortwave bands. The builder of this radio may have listened to the battle reports from one of the fronts with this radio.
Homebrewed Radio - This is a homebrewed am radio. Fairly simple one tubed radio but very expertly done. Works well too.

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