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Zenith Transoceanic and its Universal The Zenith 7g605 Transoceanic was released in 1942 and it was the first "all wave" battery powered portable radio. Many of our servicemen overseas who were fortunate to have one with them could keep up with the war on both fronts by listening to the several fine news reporters. The radio was very durable and was able to take a bit of a beating and still work. They were very exotic in the early radio days with the Zenith Black Dial and the ability to listed to other lands. The Transoceanic became known as the "bomber" due to Commander McDonald the co-founder of Zenith directing that the Sailboat Grille Cloth picture be removed and a generic Four Engine Bomber picture to be utilized. This occured after the attack on Pearl Harbor. If you have any interest in the men that flew these bombers click on the B24 Bomber hotlink here and I will tell you the story of my friend who flew B24s in WW2. B24 Bomber

Zenith 7g605 Transoceanic The Transoceanic known as the "Bomber" was the first all wave portable radio. Quite an accomplishment in 1942. It had a vertical antenna that pulled out of the top to about four feet or if ou were in a car or train or an interior room you had a horseshoe antenna in the back which had suction cups on it to stick it to a window. The on in the adjacent picture has a plain grillcloth. I think someone removed the picture stitching. I do however have a bomber cloth to replace it with when I get around to it.
Zenith Universal 6g601 This is the companion to the Transoceanic the Universal AM radio. It is also a portable. It was released in the fall of 1941 along with the Transoceanic. The Universal was slightly ahead in production. It had the Sailboat stitched speaker grillcloth and was a very handsome radio in its day.

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