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Welcome to Radio WA4NUPI am a collector of antique and old radios as well as other home entertainment devices. I hope you will find this interesting to you as you surf through the site. The very broad descriptions of collections are noted below. So feel welcome to check out the site and I hope you enjoy it.

  • About the Museum - A brief word on why I have the website.
  • Vintage Ham Gear - See old ham receivers and transmitters.
  • Antique Radios - Post and Pre 1930 radios as well as Crystal Sets.
  • Boat Anchors - Those heavy radios that we are so crazy about.
  • Tubes - Some very old and historic electron tubes.
  • With a Crank - Very old Edisons as well as others.
  • Telegraph - The start of the communications era.
  • For Sale - Items will be placed in here for acquisition.

I really hope you will find it enjoyable and even a little informative.

Drop me an email and let me know your thoughts.73 de Jim

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