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Ham Receivers Amateur Radio Operators or Hams as they were known as in the early days really had to be resourceful. They had to actually build their radios from commonly available materials such as paper for condensors, or wire for coils. Tubes were very expensive and unreliable so it was great when the National SW3 came out in 1931.

National SW-3 -This is the famous SW-3. You could copy any HF frequency if you had the proper plug-in coil. The coils were built on a form that resembled a tube in that it plugged into the radio chassis.
Howard Radio -The Howard Model 69 came out in 1937 and was a popular ham receiver. The Ham would typically build a one or two tube code transmitter to send and receive Morse Code "CW" with other Hams. The Howard Receiver was dependable and worked well with these home brew CW transmitters.

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