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With a Crank Think about how it was back in the 19th century. There was no radio ,tv ,or even computers. There wasn't even electricity. You may be on your way west on a wagon train and you need some method of making church music for your services. There was such a device called Gem Roller Organ and sold by Sears Roebuck for $2.98 .Or think about how great it was in the late 1800s to have one of those Edison cylinder players. You inserted one of those cylinder shaped records on the machine and it played music ,if you didn't forget to wind up the crank. This is what you will find in this section of the website in the following broad categories.

  • - Antique record players made by Edison and others.
  • - Music boxes generally played by a spiked roller called "The Cob".
  • - Records of all types and Cylinder Records

I hope you enjoy these devices of another time. Try to look at these devices with the conditions surrounding the people of those times in mind. The music wasn't even close to our current day standards. The records scratched and the singers sang as loud as they could because there were no audio amplifiers to record by. But the people of those days were experiencing that new technology of the time.

I guess I really get wrapped up in the history of home entertainment. I hope you enjoy this too. Thanks for looking.

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