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Records and Cylinders

Records and Cylinders I guess today we wouuld call these devices mass data storage. Back when these devices were actually used for entertainment there wasn't any other source of music other than live. The Edison used cylindrical records, the roller organs used cob rollers, the later Edisons used the thick (1/4")and eventually record players went to 78 rpm regular thickness records. It is interesting to at least me that there are a couple of generations out there that have never seen "records". So may this be their introduction to these "data storage devices" of long ago. I also want to add that the Concertina operated on a 6" punched and folded paper device. I have some but have been unable to locate them. I hope to find them in the near future and will post them on the site. So much for household moves and the usual bunch of boxes left over with no where to go.

Edison Thick Records - The Edison Thick Record came into use in approximately 1920. The records are actually about 1/4" thick. These records had a lot of popular music. The top one in this picture is from the Ziegfield Follies of 1921. The selection is a Fox Trot entitled "Second Hand Rose" . I thought Barbara Striesand sung it first but here it is.
Cob Rollers - These Cob Rollers are actually made of a round cylinder of wood with shor nail like devices inserted in patterns that open the appropriate organ valve at the right time. All of this happens as the roller is rotated as you crank it. Very simple and inexpensive construction. A high percentage of these rollers played hymns and religious music. There was also some popular music put on some. Iactually have one that plays Dixie.

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