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Roller Organ Music Devices

Cob Roller Organs Below are a couple of Cob Roller Organ pictures. The user just changed the six inch wooden cob to play another song. Also I have at least one Concertina that operates on a six inch wide punched paper roll similar to the player piano. Also there will be some small players such as the PlayaSax and the RollMonica which is a harmonica operated by a paper roll and your breath.

Gem Roller Organ - This is a Cob Roller operated music device that was operated by turning the crank with a Cob installed. The crank provided air via the bellows to blow the organ notes. The Cob rotated to select the notes by opening and closing the organ valves. Sears sold these for $2.95 .People carried them west to entertain them and use for church services music.
Concertina Roller Organ - This still a Cob Roller operated player but much more sophisticated with a pretty wooden finished case with fancy gold decorations.

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