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Boat Anchors

Boat Anchors There are those of us that are crazy about what we affectionatly call "Boatanchors". The reason for this term is probably because the radios are heavy enough to make a pretty good anchor for your boat. We collectors of the creature love the heavy steel cases and the workmanship that made them that way. A lot of these radios were the technology of the WW-ll era.

One of the main reasons I like boatanchors is for their warmth. It's nice to fire up one or more of these on a chilly day in the radio shack and feel the warmth that comes from the illuminated tubes while you listen to your favorite shortwave station.The only downside of collecting boatanchors is when you are so excited about that beautiful boatanchor you just bought at a radio swap meet and you just realized you have to figure out "how an I going to get this thing home and how am I going to get it up the stairs into my radio shack. Just kidding but those who collect these boatanchors will each have a story of their own. I really hope you especially enjoy this section.

So surf through. Let me hear about your Boatanchor..73 de Jim

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