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Boat Anchor Receivers

Category 1 These "boatanchors" represent the high point in making military radios. They are all tube and very heavy. They are also extremely stable. They have very few bad habits like drifting. Once they are warmed up they behave quite well. These are from the late 40s to the 50s. They cost the government thousands to build but they can be picked up for a few hundred depending on condition.

R390aThe R390a Receiver was made by several electronic companies. Probably the most desirable is the one made by Collins Radio. Collins makes very fine radios although the other 390a manufacturers also made radios that performed equally well.
R1051a Receiver The 1051a is a facinating electro-mechanical receiver. After you turn it on and let warm you set the frequency you want by turning a number of knobs. You then hear motors running turning rotary capacitors and the station comes on, loud and clear. These radios were used by the CIA etc to monitor foreign stations. It cost the government a small fortune to have them made and again they can be picked up fairly cheap.

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