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About the Museum

About the Museum

Welcome to my virtual museum. I can't remember a time in my life that I wasn't interested in radio. I have been collecting most of my adult life and it only seemed right to me to perhaps share the collection with others in hope of finding other collectors with similar interests or to provide interest to someone to start their own collection.

In the website you will find antique radios and components, many of which will date back to prior to 1930. Also there are antique and vintage ham radios, cylinder record players,very heavy communications radios mainly from the WW-II era and historic electron tubes. Also at the bottom I have included early telegraph equipment mainly because I like it and telegraph operators used code to communicate with others. I have always enjoyed code operations with ham radio. Hams call this CW instead of code.

I've also included an "available" area to place radios and other things for sale or trade. I'm only a collector and not a dealer. So check here if you're interested. Now surf through the museum and enjoy yourself. Take a moment to send me an email and introduce yourself.73 de Jim

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